Registry of Historic Vessels

Note to SS Master Membership:

Dear Friends of Master,

As we mount our Centenary campaign to raise the funds for the restoration of Master, a large part of that overall effort is to try to get the Federal Government to create a National Register of Historic Canadian Vessels.  This recognition would be incredibly important to Master but would also establish some ground rules for the preservation of, or at the very least accurate detailed documentation of vessels of significance across the country.

For a more extensive discussion of this topic, please see the attached article which John Macfarlane and I wrote in 2019, although this was with a Provincial focus. (Please note this was a draft of the final article so there are a couple of minor errors which were corrected in the published version)

I am asking every one of you to please take a moment to support this initiative by writing to the Minister of Canadian Heritage endorsing this concept. To make life a bit easier I have drafted the attached letter to The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage, which you can use “as is” or adapt to suit your own thoughts.

Rob Allan

Please circulate this appeal to anyone you know who believes in the importance of our nautical heritage.

“Steaming Ahead”

Click the DOWNLOAD button to download this letter to the Minister of Canadian Heritage

The following article is a reproduction from BC Shipping News, March 2019. It clearly supports the need for a registry of historically and culturally significant vessels.