SS Master Society

100 Years Old and Still Going Strong! The Steam Ship Master is the sole survivor of the long forgotten steam tug era

Founded in 1971. The SS Master Society maintains and operates British Columbia’s sole remaining steam-powered, wooden hulled tugboat the SS MASTER. Our team of volunteers dedicate thousands of hours every year to keep the Master in a seaworthy condition.

The SS Master Society is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the 100-year-old Steam Tugboat the SS Master, a truly iconic maritime symbol of the B.C. towing industry. The S.S. Master’s future hangs in the balance, and we are asking for support of British Columbians to assist with funding for much-needed repair and restorations.

This steam powered tug is an amazing piece of maritime history … and she is 100 years old! The Master is truly unique and stands out in today’s world of steel hulled, diesel powered tugs.

Her power comes from a British Navy surplus Triple Expansion Steam engine built in 1916. The steam engine, boiler and ships steam systems are cradled in a massively strong double wood hull.

SS Master
Length Overall     85 ft
Beam                   19.5 ft
Tonnage               225
Power Triple Expansion  Steam Engine
Propeller              8′ – 9 pitch
Horse Power        330 hp
Normal Cruise      7 knots @ 100 rpm